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DAREU H101 Wired Gamepad 360° Joystick Controller U-shaped Cross Key Compatible with TV Switch Phone PC for Steam Games

Ergonomic design, fit the hand

Hand-fitting design, every key position has been carefully measured. Ergonomic design, accurately grasp the distance between the tiger's mouth and the fingertips. 

Turbo one-click burst 

Three-speed, impeccable move. Press turbo key+action key, setting successfully that the indication flashing. The first operation is the semi-automatic mode, the second is automatic mode, and the third is close to the burst mode. 


E-sports 360° joystick flexible and free, like snake walk

360° all-round control direction, the key material is TPE, which is skin-friendly and not easy to fall off. 

Multi-order linear trigger 

The fingertips push the back feeling one-click trigger. 

Wall-mounted structure design, less pressure, faster response. The accelerator of the racing car can be retracted and released freely, and the shootout is one step faster. 

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