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Dareu A710 5.8G wireless gaming headset computer headset multi-device compatible removable microphone

  • 5.8 G matching1, insert the 5.8 G launcher to use equipment, after opening headphones, automatically entered into the pattern.2, long-press the power button and microphone button for 3 seconds, headphones into force matching mode, will quickly flash blue lights, after the success of the match, light is normally on.
  • Audio line when using the 3.5 mm audio cable for connection to the headphones and play equipment, don't need to open the power supply.1, the power button: according to the three seconds long, wow a start; According to three seconds long, wow a shutdown.2, a backlight button: circulation, remember that time RGB, red, green, blue, purple, monochromatic breathing.3, the microphone button: press once, breakdown two open microphone; Wow a close the microphone.4, the volume button: scroll buttons, control volume.5, low battery: when the battery is in low voltage condition, the headset back to the three-minute breakdown, at this time, please recharge the headphones as soon as possible, in order to protect the battery and extend battery life.
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